The A-Z of Negotiation Arts: D like desperate

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Yes exactly, like the Housewives!

Desperate can also mean hopeless or insuperable. In my negotiation seminars however, I use the description:

The ones who need it!

And I think that it fits the feeling in the negotiations quite well: There you sit and you know exactly, that you cannot leave until there is a negotiation result. Because your existence depends on it, because you surely need solvency, because otherwise you will lose it. Or because you are pressured or even threatened by the boss.

I know the feeling from the beginning of my independence, and I know how weak it will turn you in negotiations.

Ways out of there:

If there are clear and objective reasons for your hopelessness, then they cannot be resolved prior to the negotiation. However, you can think about how you can strengthen yourself mentally. Your stance and your performance influence your negotiation result directly.

If you occur to be weak and insecure, they will undress you in an indirect way and you will have to make many concessions.

Try to strip off the stress for the duration of the negotiation, work on your attitude and raise your head when you meet your negotiation partner. Even though you can barely imagine it: there is always an alternative, perhaps you just havenĀ“t seen it yet.

If there is pressure from your boss, you should ask him to go to the negotiation himself. Existential questions should not rest on your shoulders.